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Reprimand Productions is a Dublin based Media Production Company founded by Daniel Holmwood & Daniel Condon. We make short films, music videos, commercials & online video content.


Daniel is a Writer, Director & Actor from Kildare with a love for all things film. Since a young age Daniel has been making and acting in movies. His skills in both capacities have majorly improved since then (he likes to think). He has a number of short films & online adverts under his belt. Most recently his shorts "Here Lies Mrs. Higgins" currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit & "Wanton Boys". He is currently developing two new shorts, "Marky's Bad Week" a comedy set in North Dublin & "The Boy in the Bog", a drama set in rural Ireland in the 90s surrounding the death of a local boy. For more info please visit Daniel's website below.

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DANIEL condon

Daniel Condon is a Writer & Producer who dropped from the sky above The Rotunda Hospital at 6'0 tall and in perfect health just hours before the break up of Yugoslavia. Not a coincidence. Since then he has gone on to study finance; obtaining a Master’s degree in Economic & Financial Risk Analysis, which makes him sound more intelligent than he is. Daniel has worked in Investment Banking in the past and knows a number of useful excel short-cuts. This knowledge coupled with his production experience makes Daniel adept at managing projects of any type or size. Daniel has produced a number of online adverts and has written & produced "Wanton Boys". He is currently developing a new project "Lamb Of" which revolves around a woman who returns to a cult to murder its leader.

Email:  Phone: +353 (87) 6425384